About Consent Haven

Resource Hub

With sex still largely a taboo subject in a country overrun with sexual violence - particularly against women, Consent Haven exists to arm Nigerians with information, tools, and resources to deconstruct rape culture while cultivating a positive sex culture in its place.

Consent Haven is a free resource hub for all individuals, families, schools, offices, and religious organizations that are interested in ending the ‘normalized’ culture of sexual violence and abuse in Nigeria. It is for those who are not just willing to have important conversations on our cultural attitudes towards sex, but are ready to take actionable steps towards protecting the most vulnerable members of our society.

Objectives are:

  •  Exposing and eliminating the Nigerian rape culture


  •  Cultivating a culture of consent


  •  Promoting honest and healthy Sex Education


  •  Creating and providing resources for parents, teachers, and institutions to openly and appropriately discuss sex, consent, and sexual violence


  • Upsetting the status quo