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Nigerian Men Answer: What Do You Think Causes the Rape Pandemic in Nigeria?

Prince. A

First and foremost, the main problem is the societal view of women. For example, seeing them as sexual objects or property to be possessed. This then influences the upbringing of the male child, who then begins to view women like this.

Vinny. I

The law: It is not stringent enough and is rarely properly implemented. Too many loopholes make abusers believe they can get away with their crimes, and they actually do!

Gender inequality influenced by culture and religion, which then hijacks the thoughts of individuals from a very young age. Both men and women are made to believe and act in certain ways. For example, women are not seen/allowed to be sexual beings and are made to worry about preserving their honor, while men are made to believe they are initiators.

Misguided ideas of femininity: Labelling a woman who initiates sex wayward or indecent.

Misguided ideas of masculinity and manliness lead boys to exhibit toxic traits like aggression, entitlement, and the constant need to prove themselves among their peers.

Wrong ideas of women's sexual behaviors like the belief that women secretly desire to be raped or ‘like it rough.'

Statements like Boys will be boys teaches boys to objectify and degrade women.

The refusal to criminalize sexual assault in marriage. This can also highly influence children growing up in such environments to believe that it’s okay.

Inaction by the general society: Nigerians will always talk and criticize in the heat and trend of the moment but never really do anything. We'll remain on the fence as far as it didn't happen to us personally. At the end of the day, failing to take a stand is actually taking a stand, and it's not a positive one.

Poverty also worsens this, that’s why you have some people covering up for rapists because they are the family’s breadwinner.

Preye. O Rape is caused by the mindset of the people who don’t regard the female gender as equals or as humans as they are. When they don’t see the importance of women in the society but regard them as tools for making babies and for sexual pleasure. It’s not caused by her dressing or how she portrays her self on social media. From what we have seen, as long as a female is born into this society, they think that it is supposed to happen, that they deserve to have sex with this lady. It’s a very wrong mindset from a very wrong culture. Women are not tools for easing your sexual urge. It’s seriously the mindset, it’s what they have grown with, what was instilled in them when they were children. No one guided or taught them how to respect a woman, how to respect a woman’s body. This causes some of them to take advantage of some friendships and relationships to carry out such acts.

Emeka. A

I think it's simple. Some people just don't love. Explaining this can be daunting. But when people learn to value others like themselves and place others above their interest, things like murder, terrorism, rape become hard to find. Simon. A The culture as a whole, mainly tribal, that has crept into every institution that sees women more as property than human beings. A good quote I once read said, 'tradition is just peer pressure from dead people.'

Anon Firstly, I would reiterate our population which is largely under policed, the higher the population, the higher the crime rates.

We also have the inefficiency and poor implementation of laws on rape, rapists generally go free after committing this heinous crime.

Some rape victims are also too scared to report, probably thinking it would damage their prospect for marriage.

There’s also the issue of parents who fail or are unable to take care of their children, leaving them to roam the streets hawking or begging. These underage children who should be in school learning, become easy targets for all sorts of violence and crimes.

I would suggest that parents not only educate their children, but also make them understand that they have the right to report and put perpetrators behind bars. People should also report such crimes either to their traditional institutions or the available police commands in their locality. We can also strive to bring these wicked perpetrators to justice either through the courts or the help of available NGOs. Also, an awareness campaign needs to be carried out to make these rapists and potential rapists understand that rape is in no way a ‘big boy’ or ‘manly’ thing. As a society, rape must be condemned and rejected by all. Donald.U

The truth is, rape is caused by the society. You may ask, who's the society? We are the society and we are the problem. Even though I will blame the government, it would be unfair to leave us out of it. It’s about the foundation of a person’s life. How will you bring up a man and not train him to control himself? It all boils down to self-control and discipline. For the government, they are at fault because the laws are there but aren’t being enforced.

Poverty is another issue, there are no jobs for some people, that's why you will see a parent hiding the rape of a child because they benefit from the rapist.

I think it comes down to these three things: our mindset, self-control, and discipline.