Submission Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in helping out with the Consent Haven Blog and Creators' community. Consent Haven exists to provide resources, guides, and manuals which promote consent education - and your work will help in our vision to build a comprehensive resource hub. Before you begin, here are a list of guidelines to help you with putting your submission together.

What you are writing

  • Opinion pieces

  • Professional and academic pieces

  • Reflections on related current affairs

  • Works of fiction

  • Creative pieces

  • Concept explanations


Who you are writing for

  • Activists

  • Humanitarians

  • Feminists

  • People who are willing to make a difference in Nigeria

  • People who are willing to learn and unlearn

  • Individuals that are fighting to dismantle Nigeria’s patriarchal and misogynistic system


Blog Guidelines

  • Pick a topic and stick to it

  • Aim for a length of less than 1000 words

  • Articles must be your original work and not published elsewhere on the web

  • Include and cite all relevant sources used

  • Double-check your work. Please triple-check it to make sure that there no errors

  • The Consent Haven Team reserves the right to edit your article, including grammar, spelling, and formatting


Creator contribution

  • Work must be in line with Consent Haven’s objectives and goals


If chosen, you will be contacted before your work is published. Published posts will appear on the ConsentHaven Blog.